Current Special Exhibits

The CCHM Presents:


Our new special exhibit “Louisville’s River” and will showcase the importance of the Ohio River and the Falls of the Ohio to the development of Louisville. Many people do not realize just how much the River has affected almost every aspect of our history and development.  “Louisville’s River” will show some of the obvious and not so obvious connections to everyday life and history in Louisville.

“Louisville’s River” is being held in honor of the Belle of Louisville’s 100th Birthday Bash, a citywide event in mid – October, and will be one of many Belle of Louisville celebrations in the area.

“Louisville’s River” will delve into aspects of

  • Geology; Maps; Wharf Views 
  • Boats: Belle of Louisville & its precursors; Other Steamboats; Flat Boats; Barges, etc.; Entertainment on the River: Floating Museums; Gambling; Music; Importance of culture on the move
  • Crossings: Bridges (Old, New, & Existing); Louisville & Portland Canal; McAlpine Locks & Dam
  • History: U S Marine Hospital; U S Life Saving Station # 10; U S Coast Guard Station; Portland & Shippingport; Portage around the Falls & Jim Porter; The Louisville Water Co.; Slavery & the Civil War; Southern Exposition; Camp Zachary Taylor; Commerce: Boat Building; Bourbon; Barge Traffic then & now; Recreational Use; Fontaine Ferry & Rose Island Parks
  • Weather Events: Floods; Flood Walls; Low Water; Freezing